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Strolling one evening, once in the month of may
I came across, to my surprise, a black lake lined with clay
Being a night as this, when the moon was full and clear
I thought I'd sit and stay a while, let loose my fret and fear
Be it strange that I should find my way to old man Willow
Who's rough hide, and brambled side, I did use for my pillow
I sat and thought, bit my thumb, gave a tuneless whistle
Until a web of chilly air, did make my poor skin bristle
Getting up, to stretch and groan
I had no time to stop and moan
for then, to my horror, to my fright
I did see a most intriguingly terrible sight
The moon had fallen, cascaded from the sky
I asked myself why, why why oh why
I panicked, what could I do, no mortal could fix the heavens
all i could do, a simple man could count 123's and 7's
I scrambled to the edge, its glassy surface bending
and so I did, I set about, the moon had need of mending
Plunging in, oh brave hero, oh adventurer of the time
You would be a king of men, no need to
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Alexander Butler
United Kingdom
"Consistency is the last refuge of the Unimaginative"

Current Residence: Birmingham/London
Favourite genre of music: Anything
Favourite photographer: Mapplethorpe
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Chauncy
It's been a while dA.
So I'm starting again. I won't be deleting my account of course, not in that way, but I intend to breath new life into an account that I can use to retain my connection to the world of Art. Next week begins three years of what will hopefully be the most turbulent, trying and incredible experience of my life thus far, only then hopefully to lead onto better things when I leave with a secure goal in mind. It will be rocky. There are parts that I won't enjoy. People that I will come to love, and others who I will avoid, but all in their own way a part of the experience.
I've spent a good part of this year worrying and being anxious of what it is I'm capable of, I think my past speaks for itself and to those of you who read this and who I, regretably, haven't kept in touch with, I will fill you in.
I've passed my Grade 8 Acting with Distinction, successfully produced and directed an amateur piece of theatre called Top Girls by Caryl Churchill, been accepted at The Central School of Speech and Drama in London for the Drama, Applied Theatre and Education Course and have spent my spare time reading, listening and learning what it means to be independent and alive. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I am ready for whatever the next three years can throw at me and have spent too long worrying and not enough time doing.
The plan, at the moment, is to broaden my perspectives within the boundaries of Art, be that Theatre, Art or Music, and any of the influences encapsulated by these disciplines to readily add to my own understanding of working in Theatre and how such creative stimuli affect young and vulnerable people. My dreams are strong and hard, possibly to achieve, but I feel I am ready to try and make them happen. I just need to screw in the lightbulb.

At the moment I feel that Theatre (and all of its disciplines therein) and Art should be subjective to the watcher, listener, reader. That Visual communication should not be made of forced objectives, it should inspire unique emotions to each individual and allow their mind to create their own ideas of the piece and its players/styles. Theatre should leap from behind its audiences and scream so loudly it deafens them, it should whisper to children and make them daydream during school hours. It should hold up mirrors to women and men alike, who're repulsed equally when they see their reflections. Art should fly and carry young Dalis on it's leaden wings, Art is abstract without pretension - it should never let you know that it's better than you are. Art must make love with Theatre, a passionate couple that take no shame in their role-play. Art should use as much blood as paint. Theatre should use blood for paint. Their mutual friend of literature, is a loving side partner that drinks cheap fine wine and smokes roll up ciggarrettes whilst shopping at the rag market, alongside poetry who can always smell the insides of the fruit it buys. They buy the food that they all eat, Theatre Cooks whilst Literature makes idle conversation, Art lays the table and Poetry brings dessert. Music shows up after dessert with cheese and a story to tell.
They are all of them without limits.
Most importantly it should never hide, it should shout 'I AM HERE' with every voice it commands and make those who will not listen; tremble.

My course is mainly research based, though is placed within an Artistic practice. I will try over the duration of my 3 years to update my dA journal and gallery with my journey and collections and theories for whoever wishes to read them.

I hope everyone who "watches" my profile is well

  • Reading: The Divine Comedy


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